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Monday, April 23, 2012

Diaper Soaker / Diaper Cover with Pockets

Aren't these diaper covers adorable?  The pattern I used is actually intended for a boy diaper soaker, but I have girls.  More importantly, my baby is a girl.  So, I made these in pink and purple.  They are incredibly soft and make her baby bum look so cute!

The texture of this crocheted fabric is what initially caught my eye.  I love it.  So much that I have started creating matching items to go with it.  (See the hat below)

Don't you just love the pockets on the back?  I LOVE THEM!  They look so adorable on.

Here they are in pink.  I created a hat using this texture to match these diaper covers.  I'm currently working on a bib and will be making a burp cloth as well.

Isn't it cute?  I'm a little proud of it.  This hat pattern will be available in my Etsy Shop soon, hopefully followed by the bib and burp cloth pattern.  I'm also thinking about a little tank or halter to go with it for the little ladies. ***UPDATE: Hat pattern is now available!***

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Baby soaker was made using "Baby Boy Soaker" pattern by Sharon Mann.  Available at

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