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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Baby Barefoot Sandals

I've noticed an obvious trend for barefoot sandals.  If you haven't seen these, they are basically a decoration for your feet when you want to be barefoot but still cute.  Most fit around the 2nd toe (next to the big one) with a loop and tie around the ankle.  The styles are numerous and they're actually really cute.

Of course, being a mom, I never think to make things for myself because, let's face it, baby feet are cuter than mine!  So I made some Baby Barefoot Sandals.  These particular ones are very easy to make (minus the flower which is a little more tricky & time consuming).

As much as I would love to claim this pattern as my own design, it is not.  I found a free pattern on Living the Craft Life if you would like to try making them yourself.  The flower I used was also a free pattern from Crochet and Other Stuff.  I decided to make the flower removable and had made these flowers months ago and have been trying to find something to add them to.  Here's the end result:

And, like I said, everything is cuter on baby feet:

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