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Friday, December 16, 2011

Product Review: Bamboo Handle Crochet Hooks

I recently purchased some new crochet hooks with bamboo handles.  This set ranges from 0.75mm-3.5mm, which are on the small side of crochet hooks, making them ideal size for using with crochet thread or with yarn when you need a smaller gauge.

My main concern with using the small hooks is the strain they put on your hands.  I was drawn to these because of the size and shape of their handles, which make you less prone to aches and pains associated with conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis.

After using this product on some projects, I've noticed some key points:
     1.  I am able to hold the hook with a much lighter grip due to:
                    larger size handle
                    lighter weight (less metal, and bamboo is lightweight)
                    ergonomic design
     2.  I feel less fatigue in my hand while working
     3.  I feel I have better control over the hook
     4.  Bamboo makes a very comfortable handle

Being able to have a lighter grip is very important in saving your hands.  I am also a practicing dental hygienist and this concept was drilled in our heads as being important if you don't want your career to end prematurely due to hand problems.  Dental instruments are very similar to a crochet hook in size and feel.  Rule of thumb: big and light handles are best.

I highly recommend this product and/or others similar to it.  It makes crocheting easier on me and more enjoyable.  I am confident it will for you too.  And, at $15.99 for 8 hooks, it's not a bad deal.

Got some feedback of your own?  Please feel free to leave a comment.  There are many crochet hooks out there and I would love to hear your opinion.

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