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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bassinet Purse & Doll

This bassinet purse is a Christmas gift I made for a cute little 2 year old girl.  They work great for doctor/dental appointments, church, or anywhere else where your child has to wait. They are small and easy to carry.  It's basically a drawstring bag that, when turned inside-out, becomes a bassinet for a small doll.

This doll is $1 at Wal-mart.  You could also use the 5-inch Berenguer doll.  You can make little outfits for them and they're cuter!  They seem to end up being about $8-9 with shipping if you buy them individually.  You can get them for around $5 if you buy in bulk.  I'm still looking.

I didn't use a pattern for this one.  I have one of these for my daughter and I used that to make my own.  It turned out well, but I didn't write the pattern down (oops).  I did, however, find a similar  FREE PATTERN on Daisy Designs.  She also has pictures of 3 different doll choices, including the two I've mentioned.

Crochet Hook Used:
     Size G (4.25mm)
Yarn Used:
     Red Heart Super Saver - Plum Pudding
     Red Heart Super Saver - Dk Orchid

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